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Inspirational Others

Don't Push Her Back

Don't Push Her Back

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 # Seedhibaat

She may be a daughter, sister,

 wife or daughter-in-law,

Always determined by the position of her father or husband,

Why can't by her achievements ??

No name no fame of her own,

Always under the veil to symbolize obedience,

She can't improve herself with the pace of development,

Can't mainstreaming with the process,

Some sell her, some by her.

She can't play an important role in the parental home or matrimonial house,

Workplace or anywhere in society.

She is considered as a cheap laborer,

Confined to do all household duties,

She faces violence, denial deprivation,

Vilifies by others,

Plays a subordinate role,

Faces physical molestation

Feels the injustice against her.

But keeps silence,

Tries to show her innocence.

But the male society should keep one thing in mind

If you push her backward,

You will be dragged behind.

So it will be better 

You give up the pernicious pandemic of your mind.

Stand beside her,

Make her feel free,

And try to convert her dreams into reality.

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