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Geet Shah

Classics Inspirational Others


Geet Shah

Classics Inspirational Others

My Sunshine, My Mom

My Sunshine, My Mom

2 mins 227 2 mins 227

Just like any other kid,

Would adore his mom,

I am one of those,

Whom this poem is from.

I’m 12, you’re 41,

We get together like the moon and sun,

I shine bright when it’s the darkest,

You give me the light to shine, and you work the hardest~

Thank you mom for sacrificing so much for me,

And all these years, I always see,

You working harder everyday,

But today it’s 9th May~

You deserve time for yourself,

No need to keep those fallen books on the shelf,

Relax, and think,

How hard you’ve worked how far you’ve come,

Don’t look back, we aren’t going there mum.

I can’t even imagine, losing a mother,

Because you can never have another,

But you, you dealt with it,

You never dared to cry in front of me, not even a bit.

Until one day, I talked to you,

That I felt blue,

And we cried together, I felt better,

And that day I decided “I’m never going to upset her.

Every mothers’ day, all I do is write a few things,

But I hope that something holds to you, like two wings.

So, you can fly higher than you’ve ever been,

See those things you’ve never seen.

I might have disappointed you at some times,

But when it’s darkest, that's when a star shines,

I’ll make you proud someday,

Till then I want you to stay.

Support me, like you have always,

And cross with me, every challenge and maze.

Those tough times we faced,

Remember we did it together.

I’ll love you,

And will be there for you, forever~

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