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Manasvita Jain

Children Classics


Manasvita Jain

Children Classics

My New Sibling

My New Sibling

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Few years ago I had a new sibling in my house,

He was as tiny as a mouse.

When he was born I took him in my lap,

All welcomed him with a loud clap.

After seeing him I felt that I was on the ninth cloud,

when I hugged him my happiness knew no bounds.

After few months he began to crawl,

It surprised all.

After sometime I became inconspicuous and he got more attention,

I felt so bad that I do not even want to mention.

Now, the day arrived when it was his second birthday,

It was such a lovely experience I can say.

After two years he started going to school just for play,

I felt very angry and wondered why I study night and day.

In pre-primary giving answers of difficult questions was his uncanny knack,

All these marvelous skills I lack.

I am proud that I am his sister

But why he is flattered by everyone? Is he a prime minister?

When it's his fault then also I get scoldings,

I have to drink milk and he is given cold drinks.

Seeing his funny gestures I get into laughter,

Let anyone say anything he will remain my beloved brother.

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