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More Than A Withered Beauty

More Than A Withered Beauty

1 min

Witnessing the flower,

As it descended defenselessly

Off the branch

That promised to hold

And from the hands

That once chose it with love

Had now abandoned it

With a heart too cold.

And with encumbering queries

It lay on the ground so dead

Once it's pretty enchanting petals

Now weary,withered and faded.

"O' plant

Did I not enhance the beauty?

My colourful petals crowning your greens

O' lover

Did I not render all thy love?

And witness your vows

To your sweetheart throughout your teens.

O' priest

Did I not fall at your hands

To your Lord, I was His crown

And conveyed your wishes

Now that I am so lifeless

Why am I not in your prayers?

Why do I not see you frown?

O' bee

But I trusted you

To present you

With all that was bestowed upon me

And now that I lie so lifeless

Does it not bother thee?"

A mild cold wind blew

Covering it with brown light sand

I picked up the flower with all love,

Spoke to it holding in my hand

"O' flower

Is it not the purpose

That you bloom on this Earth

To adorn nature with your beautiful grace

To fill hearts with love

And to sanctity the atmosphere with your fragrance

And O' dear flower

So selflessly have you served your birth.

Much more than just a withered beauty

An epitome of life's journey you are

For all those men born here

To spread love and live with faith

Despite the despises and betrayal

And to selflessly serve their measure.

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