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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Monster’s Eyeball

Monster’s Eyeball

2 mins 222 2 mins 222

Bartender! There’s a fly in my drink!

I’m sorry, what? It’s not a fly? 

Then what, may I ask, is this thing floating here - 

Good Lord!! Do you see what I think I see? 

Are those -

Eyeballs in my martini? (Seriously?!)

Following me everywhere,

Around the room, the hall above,

And on the topmost stair,

They watch my every move

As I dance away the night

At the Devil’s gorgeous ball,

Where they’re playing the Red Death Waltz

In the Black Room down the hall.

They won’t let me be,

(There are a million eyes on me!)

They won’t set me free!

I’m trapped in this glass coffin

For the universe to see!

(Eyes full of baleful glee!)

I don’t wanna save the world;

This world needs no saving:

I don’t wanna change the world;

Nothing will change this craving

To make those staring eyeballs

To see me as I am

They know it’s all a sham.

They smell of calumny,

So I dare not want to be,

Or even not to be.

They cannot set me free!

(Those million eyes on me!)

And they cannot let me be,

I’m screaming in a  glass coffin

For all eternity!

(Like a billion angry leaves

hanging from a tree!)

I did not hear the music

That shattered through my spine;

I tasted fourteen billion light years

Hyperspacing in the wine;

Twining and interweaving 

Leaves and swelling grapes

Of wrath looming large as

The widening void gapes,

Billowing up again is the shape of things to come,

It’s the abyss reaching out 

From the darkness I’ve become.

Shards of broken glass, 

Harmless on the floor -

Pick any one, plunge in deep,

And watch the crimson flow


Of tears and endless time 

From those eyeballs in the glass.

Bottoms up, my pretty,

All this will quickly pass!

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