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2 mins

Beyond the mirage that stretched so far,

She had detected hope,

Bleak it was, fragile her longing was,

Mere was her knowledge, limited was her experience.

Why is it that you crush those hopes?

Reminding her of the illusive character of the mirages.

Why didn't you let her encounter the illusive path on her own?

Trips she might, falls she might, but the discovery will be her own,

Was it the risk that bothered? or was it the shaped cage you want to trap her in?

That she was reminded of the danger far before her acknowledgement of her expedition.

Spare her of the change you want in her.

Meager might be her desire,

But the task of shutting them down is as mammoth as her courageous mind.

Try you might

Hinder her cautious steps, slay her hesitant wings,

But, but the silent screams!

The screams of her rebelling heart,

The screams of her curious mind,

For the unknown beyond the mirage.

The buzzes of the mind,

That act as fuel to the whispering desires,

Try you might, but you won't be able to kill those mind's urges!

Let the challenges shape her, not your opinions,

Let her fly without your aid

For the spirited mind was made to lead

Not to trace other's paths.

Her ideas mayn't trigger any applauses, her bravery may never be appreciated

Her values may never be traced, her knowledge may never be sought,

But, at least she won't be thirsty anymore for the knowledge

Of what lies beyond the mirage.

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