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Anjali Priyadarshini Bishoyi



Anjali Priyadarshini Bishoyi




2 mins 381 2 mins 381

Returning from the office I heard the gossiping galore,

"Our boss is a colourless man, guys! Don't listen to him more."

Suddenly a thought run into my mind of the past,

I smiled and decided to rush home very fast.

But the thought grabbed my mind like gum,

I have started to think about the boy's youth's scum.

"D-Day was his day, it's gonna crack his head,

The bubbling mind was asking about the colour of the result's shade,

A failure that broke his backbone, his mother didn't wanna hear,

Where his father was screaming to death in tears.

That was the turning point of life's sparsity,

The only pillars were his father and mother who stood in every adversity.

He daily heard the sound of disgrace in the neighbourhood,

"Sharmaji, let your son adore your business of sonpapdi and sweet food."

He thought his chums would never do the same,

But the lightening of the heart comes to scary fame.

Peers group faded out like the perfume in time's hook,

Only some of the pages are left in the good book.

Even his immaculate inamorata left him alone at aside,

So he searched a curtain for his feelings to hide.

That failure changed the era of his childhood mind,

His mouth became silent which used to be fun-kind.

The club parties turned into mourning classy music,

He thought it was better to go comatose than feel too sick.

He needed the care and a trusty shoulder to head-on,

No! The society talk can't stop what they have shown."

That boy was me, the line toddled in my eyes,

The taste of falling made me a man of precise.

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