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Anjali Priyadarshini Bishoyi

Drama Classics Inspirational


Anjali Priyadarshini Bishoyi

Drama Classics Inspirational

The Largest Monastery

The Largest Monastery

2 mins

Eyes from another cliff,

Catches the abbey.

But the distance is starry,

Parting us, which is shabby.

Tranquil locale made the place,

Reach all local amenities.

Vivid colours of foliages,

Stick to the gaze's serenities.

To witness the vicinity of coniferous trees,

The closing of eyes is forbidden by the eyelids.

One can be lost in the,

 Splendid view of high altitude orchids.

Gaining sentiment from the aura,

Cold breezes touch the lips.

Aloof mountains, snowy hills,

Embraced the clouds on its tips.

Long flags tuning the melody,

Of the wind gust.

From the height, the tinkling of prayer wheels,

Cuddle the whole parts of the crust.

Crawling feet started upright,

To discern the largest monastery.

Holding the breath with amour,

Orbs began to traverse history.

The smell of the countryside,

And vigorous air hits the head.

The reason behind the lustring mountain is,

The sloping roofs made up of ocherous shade.

Spiritualism blows through,

The sacred red attire of the monks.

My first vision struck on some hermits,

Who were gathering paddy on a chunk.

The heart lingers on the crafting,

And sculptural ornamentation of wood.

Abstract designs of clothes on the walls 

Raise the allure which is exceedingly good. 

A big hall of three floors consisting of,

The Lord, The Deities, and The Devotees.

The brightening of clay lamps and the offerings,

Make the whole body engrossed in the carving beauties.

The eight-spoke wheel represents,

The aspects of the Noble Eightfold Path.

The practices said to oversee,

 One out of the rotation of rebirth.

 The eight symbols on the ceramic wall,

 Scattering the good fortune scent.

That represents the offerings to Sakyamuni Budhha

After he gained enlightenment.

An institution gives compendious-

ideas to the little Sramaneras.

The otherworldliness of worship,

continues throughout the traditional eras.

The dusk glorifies the tinted lights 

To indicate nature's leave from duty.

That day, my thirsty soul-drenched into

The cascade of marvellous beauty.

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