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Vakula Venkatesh



Vakula Venkatesh




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Ecstasy today,

Ruined by you

Unable to believe

What happened was true....

I know you have left

Leaving me by myself

What would I do staying here,

When your words stayed deep engraved in my heart...?

I walked on the roads

Carrying a hurt self...

Was it a need

That I should be left stranded...?

Is it a necessity,

That I should breathe after all this?

Were they known to you,

Who resulted in all this?

This being a punishment to me,

And also for my crying heart...

The sight over there

Hung me right away...

They shot you straight

Deep into your chest

You couldn't say

What you were supposed to...

My cheeks weren't wet

As the vision was shocking

What was the need

To vanish away

Amidst the careless and busy world?

What was the hurry

To remain just a memory

In my heart....

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