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Magic Of Words

Magic Of Words

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Speech is the gift which is of inestimable worth,

A gift bestowed on us very soon after our birth,

A ‘word’ is a fetter, a shackle no one may break;

A ‘word’ is a sacred bond so no one can forsake.

A word harshly spoken may bruise and lash,

May wound, may cripple another in a flash.

So why do we use it in our thoughtless way

To obliterate light and darken another’s day?

With our kind words we can comfort and heal;

With encouraging words renewed hope instill;

 A word may infuse confidence and courage; 

Or maybe used for imparting our knowledge.

So why do we use it to trample, cripple, destroy,

When we can use it to kindle love hope and joy?

They are the portals through which we express

Our inner emotions, thoughts, fears, and stress.

We may use words to promote peace, to unite;

Or arouse animosity and bitterest hatred ignite.

A word is a few insignificant letters put together                                                                                                                       

If it is rightly used, it can make the world better!

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