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Raja Sekhar CH V



Raja Sekhar CH V


Lovable Lord Ram

Lovable Lord Ram

2 mins

Very much sacred is Sage Valmiki's Ramayana Epic,

Always beautiful is Lord SeetaRam's eye-soothing pic.

Very important is the spiritual knowledge of The Ramayana,

Lovable Lord Ram is the incarnation of Lord Sriman Narayana.

He is Surya Dynasty King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya's beloved son,

All Santatan Dharma devotees always love to have Jayram's amicable association.

Name of Sriram reverberates in Ayodhya's every eternal home,

Lord Ram resides in every believer's heart filled serene home.

With Koushaleya is always His younger brother Laxman,

His other esteemed brothers are Bharat and Shatrughan.

Sage Brahmarshi Vashishtha blessed Him with all sorts of knowledge,

Sage Brahmarshi Vishwamitra blessed Him with all strong weapons for a winning edge.

Sage Arundhati gifted The Sama Veda religious text's wisdom,

With Her grace, Ram attained the musical octave's stardom.

His marriage with King Janak's daughter Seeta is adorable,

The view of this frame is always unforgettable.

He took fourteen years of forest exile to make His Father's promise as true,

He always made sure that whatever He says is never untrue.

The Vanara forest men became His favorite friends,

The Vanara King Sugriva helped to reach Lanka Kingdom's ends.

The soft friendship of Ram and His ardent Devotee Hanuman is very popular,

Lord Shiva incarnation as Lord Hanuman is very much spectacular.

Lord Ram maintained his patience and intellect in all situations,

Every adverse condition could not make him lose control of his expressions and emotions.

Lord Ram attained victory on Demon King Ravana with His bravery,

His modesty and humbleness was the shining example of His mastery.

Life history of Lord SeetaRam is always attractive,

Knowing His experience makes the spiritual thoughts active.

Every page of The Ramayana gives a divine feeling,

Lovable Lord Ram always gives a new amiable feeling.

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