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Sannidhya Ranade

Drama Tragedy


Sannidhya Ranade

Drama Tragedy



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The truth paralysed me

I was broken

An aphonic wave had hit

A woman always so outspoken.

I couldn’t sink in the thought

That I had done such a thing

It felt as if an eagle

Had lost its only wing.

Why didn’t I pick up the call?

Was that meeting so vital?

One call would have prevented

A loss which was fatal.

He wouldn’t have done that

I could have made him understand

I could have gone, hugged him tight

And put mine in his hand.

He was stressed, he was tired

He wanted to give up

Being busy,I ignored him

And asked him to shut up.

“Sorry my son” I want to tell him

Now that he is gone

I could not give him time

He was alone, forlorn.

The bitter reality pricks me

I can never see him again

He committed suicide

I could not feel his pain

No one’s there to call me “Mom”

No one’s there for whom I can toil

After all he was my SON

Even if my blood he did boil

I have been drowning in guilt

This situation is worse than death

I wasn’t even with my son

When he took his last breath

All I can do now

Is remember the few moments spent together

Look at our photos and just say

Sorry, I could not be a good Mother

Work, priorities have jailed us

We don’t have time for our dear ones

Jobs many can be got

But the lost moments can never be bought.

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