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Linking Cables

Linking Cables

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Walking in, nurse interrogated,

Grandpa, holding lugubrious tears?

Why will I? I’ve you. I reacted.

My mind then whispered, ‘inner fears.’

Christmas makes me feel dusky.

Aah! An angelic lass smiled at me.

Pretty FEONA, unlocked ten candle key

Dropped a promise for next dusk to see.

The chain of evening banter initiated,

She asked me about my sickness.

Not to distress her, I manipulated.

She helped me kick sadness.

Returned she to her convent

Yay, now no more an orphan she was.

She didn’t come, so with my cane, to the sickhouse, I went.

There! I spot her with Sis Jass.

Terrorized to hear my honey got asthma

Bouts were some night severe, some mild.

One sunset she pushed me in dilemma,

Why grandpa charity for grandchild?

Cuz I paid some lucre for her aid.

Darling all I needed was love.

You gave me a new life instead.

You’re like the pearl of a dove.

Paa, shall I make a crib here?

Bravo! I’ll b very pleased.

Temme about your illness grandear.

I replied its old age that teased.

Time to place Jesus in the crib.

My angel didn’t show up yet!

Sis came and a current ran through my rib.

Jesus has hugged your brunette!

Holy Lord! How can you do this?

I wept ocean of eye-drops.

I’m breathing despite cancer exists.

And you ceased to water her crops.

A dawn deprived of my cuppy cake.

Nurse lurched in holding my blood report.

Prior I thought it must be fake.

I shed tears playing pianoforte.

My sweetie took away my ailment.

I shall never forget you!

I swear to the cosmos and firmament.

What an angelic sweetie were you!

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