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Ishika Aggarwal



Ishika Aggarwal


Life’s Scenery

Life’s Scenery

2 mins 199 2 mins 199

Oh! Where have you been hiding?

All this time I yearned only for you,

You were drowning in the dark abyss of lies

Blurted out presumptuously, with the truth untold suppressed 

Into chambers of mirrors,

Endlessly reflecting pessimism,

In the endeavor to blanket the optimism of truth in broad daylight,

Mayhaps, the Moon’s glistening silver rays will ebb the mere misconceptions.

Or were you camouflaged in the rainbows so rare,

Arching too high for us 

After a teary breakdown of gloom, 

Edifying us to store a pinch of patience to when you will lower yourself willingly.

Perhaps you resided in a stranger,

I ruthlessly jostled by?

How could’ve I been so so witlessly imprudent 

To not spare a glance?

It’s said there is ample bliss for everyone to share,

But where is my share so mercilessly enshrouded?

I sleepwalk to where the glimmering moonlight takes me 

Only to open my eyes to never-ending blackness of the night,

My eyelashes in an unsuccessful attempt to disallow raindrops roll down my cheek,

I find myself in complete solitude and tranquility of the serenity,

The once dark stars were twinkling with joy again,

My lips curve, to my own surprise, upwards 

As grey clouds of neglect were shoved away by the moonlight of bliss,

I smile to the epiphany that my grieving ship in the night had finally reached my heart’s shore of content…


We ponder whether happiness is playing hide and seek,

Broaden your scenery and you shall be blessed with nothing but bliss reflecting off the once dark mirrors.

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