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Khushbu Giria



Khushbu Giria


Let Women Be Ugly!

Let Women Be Ugly!

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Let women be ugly

Let women be not your kind,

Let women be more of brain

Let women be sporting light,

Let women dance in shoes,

Let women kick start that company

Let women walk alone in night.

Let women stand apart in choices of your line,

Let women be not what you want her to be

Let women be more than your masturbation tool,

Let women live everything and not leave everything

Let women be human and not endless comparison to men

Let women stare in your eyes while she talk,

Let women be less of shy

Let women be not asking your permission Irrespective of your decision.

Let her be her own thunder and let her write her own twilight and let her be her own shoulder, while she might be super human

she didn't yet discover.!

Let her heal and let her feel

Let her do things you think she cannot.

And for once let her be on her own

She will be all she is and all she wants,

She is more than beauty and nothing of a thing your eyes should spy on!

Keep that glance away while she focus to be ugly and muddy and bruised,

let her discover all she is and she is not!

Let her be more than morals, emotions, lyrics and all that she would subside in!

Let her just be, and all you have to do is get your eyes off her!


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