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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Let Her Live!

Let Her Live!

2 mins 108 2 mins 108

Pinned and pressed unwilling to the ground

And with 5 cruel faces to surround,

She saw nothing but darkness around.

She cried aloud and shrieked but choked

As they came closer in lust and flocked;

They beaked her and stared beamingly

Ripping her modesty and her soul -filming

Her struggle so faint yet brave!

She fluttered and wriggled like a pinned fly

And Groaned and spat and in defense

Kicked them with her might but in vain!

Enraged and hurt, one slapped and slang’d

The other two kicked her torso and banged-

Gagged she was and raped in chain

Shuddering and shivering, she felt the pain.

Invaded and brutalized and bound

They dragged her far n hung her high

In jubilation they danced and none did sigh!

Stuffing and piercing they abused Her

They bruised and hurt her further.

Leaving her gagged and bleeding to grave

With eyes so swollen and body blue

She writhed in pain and cried in agony

Over the ordeal, she went through.

Those were the men she barely knew

Who slay’d her life and simply threw

Her into the murkier waters and avenues

Where, resigned and fallen she laid her wreath

Questioning and cursing her creation.

With none to hark her call for help

She dragged her soul to world she knew

To be looked upon as defiled and sinned

Than be embraced and strengthened.

What and how the questions were asked

Why meant assassination of her in character

And a question which declared her last breath!

Man o’ man just stop if you can

The macho show of strength so uncanny

And let live the gender at par with you

In a world so safe and heavenly new

Let her smile with confidence

Let her meet you with trust

Let her join you for a company

And be feeling safe-

In the darkest hour or the hour of light

Let her feel your arms to be safe

Let her feel she is being respectful.

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