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L-word Vs P-word

L-word Vs P-word

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How often do you think about what you love doing?

Ah, before that do you actually know what it is?

Indeed, no!

After all, a 2bhk flat, good bank balance and a white-collar job is happiness for us.

Does that really make us happy or we just lie to ourselves?

Mostly we lie. Is it not?

After a day long work, your hands and legs begs you to rest.

You lay on your comfy bed and your body starts melting into the bedsheet.

Oh my god, it feels heavenly.

Your eyelids next start begging you to shut the real world.

Like the evening sun in the sea your eyelids sinks in the dark sea.

A sudden thought from the rear end strikes the brain, you open your eyes wide.

A lone tear drop escape from your eyes.

May be because of the painful drag in the heart.

What was the thought?

Huh, lover?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not talking about love.

Serious much serious, passion it is.

The actual reality is we worry a lot about things which are not even worth thinking.

Mostly that L- word.

It may be due to the L-word or the same L-word.

One is when you are on that L-word or the other is when you are not in the L-word.

Physical structure, hair fall, belly, skin color also sums up to the to-do-worry-list.

To all these people, have you ever thought of living your life to the full extent in front of the people who dont want to see you grow.

No, never it is. Right?

Thing is when you start thinking about your passion, you literally don't give a shit.

Can you stop running your mind and heart on useless things?

Do that adds any value to your life?

If the answer is yes, go for it.

If no, never give a shit.

One day, there comes the one who falls for the hard working and the passionate you.

He might have no idea about how you look at that green saree, with that matching jimmiki's and bangles.

She might never expect you to be like a Greek god with chiselled face and a strong abs.

A women has the fire in her eyes when talking about what she loves without that colossal kajal and trimmed eyebrows.

Sit think about what you love.

When you sit for a day and complain you never get it.

I'm sorry, maybe at the nth time you might get an idea.

Hold on to that. Work for it.

Always remember the real beauty of a person is seen only when he/she goes for what they love.

The world sets your beauty standards based on the standard you chose to live your life.

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