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Sachin Solanki


Kiss Of Ice

Kiss Of Ice

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He saw her again, after years gone waste.

Seeing her so pretty in red, couldn't control his legs.

Kept his eyes fixed onto hers, like missile do so for targets.

Thinking, why he left her again ?

Walking towards her, she, well, she saw him

Still hung up on him, her heart did skip a beating

But was in no mood to make for him that easy

So gave him a good chase, running from there

Continuing drinking whiskey with ice countless

He followed her drunkenly, with high that sight of her gave

Reaching to her room upstairs, she gulped whiskey, emptying glass in hand

Took ice from glass and started Licking it, with expression so naughty and bad

Questioning the reality, he had to pinch his hand

She slowly started to kiss it, like she had never kissed before anyone else

Then looking up, placed it on head, tracing it from her wet lips to neck

Practically inviting him, to take Ice's place.

He was still in shock, thinking if this is reality or not

But when he got closer, he pulled her,

Taking her arm, to get reality check

He knew it was a dream come true,

When he took the place of ice that he threw

At last the lips interlocked as if

They were made for each other and no one else

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