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Samuel Dsouza

Fantasy Inspirational Others


Samuel Dsouza

Fantasy Inspirational Others

Just Alive

Just Alive

1 min

One of the village members passed away, he was a living log with a leg amputated and all, pain for the whole family, whomsoever I spoke too, "Good he is gone", were the words...

How you know how long you live

Or see your generation have itself kill

How many time will death walk away from you

Because its knowns your miserable, as life plays with you, 

Day pass, every day some other person goes

Soul has gone and body, buried, burn or feed to the crows

Like clothes, we throw once we are outdone

Happily receiving the compliments as life flows

But the color facades, and material weary thin

Washing it again now there withered with sin

So life changes every day

Our thoughts, orientation what we do or say

No matter how many wrong or rights you did

How far you walk Memories, as a adult or kid

Sometimes we break free from the time's clock, 

Live our life like a new kid on the block 

Every day there is a new sunset and sunrise 

Every day we welcome with a new surprise

Until the day comes when we alone walk

Towards the white light, the new block 

I really wonder at time what would I feel

Is it the Nirvana or my renewed sex appeal

How the transformation from one realm to the next, 

Would I be waiting in line like the rest

Or would I see my maker, My God

And cry truthful, sorrowfully yelling on the clouds...

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