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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


Is this Love?

Is this Love?

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Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world

It is said that love happens at first sight for some

For others, however, it takes more than one meeting to experience bliss.

My mind often wanders as to

Is it possible to have a heartbeat for someone you just met?

Is it possible for you to smile just thinking about that one person?

How can you feel so good about life despite all the chaos around you

How can someone's smile make your day brighter?

You are always feeling the presence of the person around you, even when they aren't there

The presence of a special person in your life can make your life so beautiful and happy

Why does someone become so important in your life that all that matters revolves around them?

It must be an unbelievably wonderful feeling when you know this is the one you will share the ups and downs of your life with.

Creating memories together to contemplate everlastingly, spending each moment of life together, together, is what the heart desires

The process of assimilating other people's happiness, success, joy, sadness, tears into your own.

It's funny how life answers your questions

It never occurred to me that the answers would come in the form of you entering my life

I have been blessed by your presence not only with the answers to the questions I asked but with the gift of life

From the first moment I saw you, my heart told me that you have reached the end of your quest to understand love 

Love is emotion-driven, it doesn't understand the logic

It is a cord that not only connects two souls but also keeps them together for life

And though being in love with you for such a long time, my love for you still surprises me.

We may not be together in this life, but that hasn't stopped me from experiencing this blissful feeling

You'll always hold a special heart in my place, that thought has given me the reason to stay happy for life.

Someone asked me why I always seem happy all the time, Is it, Love?

The warm glow of my heart burst into my eyes as I answered, Yes, I am finally living the warmth of Love.

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