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Mallina Paros

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Mallina Paros

Abstract Inspirational Others

In All Honesty

In All Honesty

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My biggest fear

Is the wastage of time and money

Time is money

Everyone always remembers their fears first, focus

Only the optimistic, the strengths

If optimism is like honey

My glass is half empty

“Collect your thoughts.”

But how? There are so many

Like beads spilled on a wooden floor

Rolling away as I approach them

And my dreams are on a canvas

Not a blank one, but a filled one

Too full, unlike my glass of optimism.

The canvas isn’t enough

My hands are freezing

At zero degrees.

That’s where I am right now

So should I hold my breath?

And realize my end?

But no; that would be a waste too

And not my dreams, but my fears would come true

In this process of self-discovery

Fears are fatal feelings

But they are like the shadow that hides

Behind the light and shields our eyes

Because failure is a comrade

Another one of my fears

And I’ve figured that fear quite well, you see

Because now that I stand where I am

I can perceive what I’ve done all this time

And those failures have made me understand

My strengths

And not the other way around

My glass of optimism?

It’s still unbroken

And still half empty

But what reigns over it, you know?

A vision; my vision, like a sparrow

So what if my canvas is too full?

I’ll put it up in my friend’s gallery

The one who put her dreams in the backseat

To make space for her parents in the shotgun

While my parents can look after her gallery

From the center of my canvas

I don’t like to lose

So I’ll let my fears reign

While I figure out what to choose

Because at the end of the day

Optimism is just another word

And success is an essence of it

For this life of mine,

I want it to be a song with a fun beat

One that will make me dance

No matter how sad or complicated

The lyrics may be

And this wish is just the first stair

In my stairwell of self-discovery

In all honesty


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