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Ekansh Nangia

Abstract Fantasy


Ekansh Nangia

Abstract Fantasy

I Hate Going To The Washroom!

I Hate Going To The Washroom!

3 mins 117 3 mins 117

Mountains are high

Toilets are low

Why are washrooms most dangerous places to go?

Little Tim trudged along the way

And opened the door

He turned on the switch

But the lights did not glow

He ignored the fact

And didn’t seem to know

That there was someone else watching the show

He did his work and sat down

As if it were a throne

5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes passed by

And still he was only there to groan.

Just then swish!! A sound came to the ears

Resounding and giving him fear

And the bubbles started to burst

And a creature dragged Tim in with the thrust.

Brrrrpppp!! The sound of flushing flushed the room

Little Tim’s life was doomed

Little john stayed next door

Was sitting on the toilet seat only to get himself in the

Nasty pipe down below.

The neighbourhood, city, state was terrorized by this little and nasty creature alone.

To block the pipes

Change the funnel

Till the parents in the state took a big huge loan.

Everybody in the city even the army feared to go in the washroom alone.

Who was this little creature?

Who made everyone,

Jump up with fear.

Casualties reduced day by day

As no one went to the washroom to pass out

Which would relax them for the day.

Those who went

Were down in the drain sent

Now there were no washrooms in the mall

Ladies or gents

The little creature had himself

The king of the washrooms

And he ruled by his self

Attack and attack was his plan of attack

To suffocate people in the drain was his master plan

Slowly, the world had realized washrooms were the places they have to sacrifice.

In order to find the creature a gang of scientists had started doing their research with high school teachers.

Something was must to be done

As people were dying and suffering with all the body waste

Accumulated all over the place.

The scientists had developed a plan to do research on the creature’s clan.

A robot was to be sent in the washroom

Where he would go inside with the creature

And kill him with his new feature.

To action was the plan

Sent was the robot in mankind’s hell.

Guns and bombs were attached to him

To kill the maniac was his plan to do.

When the clock striked 5 ‘o

One hour had passed by

And then a sound came

Which made everyone to jump of their chairs

As they were keen to watch the game.

A green creature was to be seen

By the camera attached to the robot’s spleen.

In the pot waiting he was doing some mechanical work

A carpenter he was.

He stitched wires red and blue

And then the robot jumped so high like a bird

Everyone thought he had flown.

A voice came up in the air

The creature had controlled robot’s gear.

A green creature plopped out

With screwdriver of his own.

It was a KAPPA, who had made the robot fly.

His suckering, smearing, smirking evil devil like smile

Had everyone cry.

Showing his rump to audience seated before

He said, "don’t use the washroom as it is the most dangerous place to go!”

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