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Ekansh Nangia

Children Stories Horror Fantasy


Ekansh Nangia

Children Stories Horror Fantasy

That Night on Horror Street

That Night on Horror Street

3 mins 418 3 mins 418

The night was dark

Owls screeching


Surprisingly crows too,

Attacking a passerby

Beating him black and blue.

It looks like as if

They meant to kill!

Further in the distance

A werewolf was to

Be seen,

Prowling the night

Were these ferocious


The laws of nature

Had turned,

Summoning upon

The myth

What was out there?

Surely, more frightful

Then a goblin with

A stick.

But that was only

For starters,

The main course still remains.

Down in the horror

Street, deeper

Was the castle

Of the vampires

If you survive

That, you

Reach the land of the


And for the final


Frankenstein will take

Your order.

While the demons

Were waiting

Four boys, aged 12

Were playing

In their treehouse.

Suddenly, their window

Achieved a


It was their archnemesis

“Scared cats” he shouted.

All in anger


Their heaven.

They came down

With a lot of anger

Filled in them.

He put more fuel to the

Fire by challenging


The challenge was to survive a

Night in horror street!

Without knowing what

Dangers it had

They accepted.

They packed the

Necessities for


And went to

Their location

Their enemy came too

Not to ruthlessly die but


See his enemies die ruthlessly

They persuaded,

Their welcome was

Greeted by the bloody pecks of the birds.

They ran and ran and ran

A father they could,

But a lot of blood

Had drained out of their

Head than it should.

Images multiplying

Before them,

Cursing their choice

Of accepting it.

Further, they moved,

From where they

Saw a light.

There was a cabin

Now, in front

Flickering that light.

Into they went

To ask for

A guide?

Inside they glanced

At a man with torn


Happily, he pushed them

Into a corner

And locked

The door.

The house was


Only one room

To be seen

Two windows

Giving off

A coo, breeze

After the dark clouds

Moved, there

Was the full moon

Showering the light

Which would

Make the four scoots.

The man went

To the


Staring the light

As if it

Were a show.

His legs started

To transform

Even his hands

Also, his


They were

Something hairy

More than a

Lion’s mane.

He was turning

Into a werewolf


He was as short

As an old



They all hurdled

Into a


Gasping with


The werewolf


Towards them

Shrieking were the


As he jumped

To attack,

Stopped was

He is mid


Who was it?

Guess who?

Their archnemesis

What was he


Especially over


He grabbed

The tail

And threw

Him down

And all

Ran, till

They were

Out of the

Forest and

Finally stopped

They were stunned

By the


Of their cause

Of death.

After a few


He spoke,” I only saved

You ‘cause, I found

Out that if you die,

Then no archnemesis.

They were shocked

By the


After a few


Of chitter and chatter

Their enemy

Was in

Their team.

They proceeded


And glanced

Upon a huge


Into the


And founded

Themselves into

A scattered room.

And now suddenly

In front of them

Appeared a figure.

It was mesmerizing

It was like,

It was attracting


They started to move

Towards it

And after a few

Spaces, emptiness

Was to be found.

They were still in

A trance.


Things took

For the worse

And they're new

The enemy was eaten.

That mesmerizing

Thing was

A vampire.

The others were


They were now in the

Castle of the vampires.

They ran for the


To escape.

But a man

Stood to block

The way,

The person was a vampire.

For their heart to beat,

They had to escape

Forward they ran

Onto the stairs

Not glancing


Then ahead another

Vampire stood

One also in the right

One in the left

And one above.

On the right,

A bathroom was spied

Into they went

Water was replaced by blood

A tub with blood


And a toilet

Filled with blood

Soon, very soon

Bubbles were pushing and were

Forcing their way out

And finally

A greenish creature,

Came out

It was a kappa.

They started to scream,

They had to make

A choice between the

Devil or the deep red

Toilet blood.

Holes had emerged

From the doors,

While the kappa was


He pushed the little souls,

Into the toilet.

All of them were now

Traveling in the world’s

Most disgusting pipes.

With a kappa

Trailing behind them.

Unable to breath

Or despair,

Was their condition.

Like a water slide

Was this pipe.

It was a kappa’s

Biggest abduction.

They exited

Through the

Exit and landed into the water

With a plump.

Resting were the other kappas

In the river

Attracted they were

To the guests,

The other moment

Some snatched them


While some of their air

Some also were having

A match

Of hockey,

Legs as sticks

And the brain as a ball.

The end was nigh


This was their


And they all looked,

Amazing on Frankenstein's plate.

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