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Ananya Pahari

Inspirational Drama


Ananya Pahari

Inspirational Drama

How To Forget Someone??

How To Forget Someone??

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Is it really easy to forget...

The person whom you loved once

The man whom you have trusted once

The person on whom you have relied upon

The being who knows your darkest secrets

The person whom you loved the most in your life

Like How can you forget him?

But when asked to self, she realized that whom do I love the most in my life?

Is it me or him?

Is he really hurting ME or the reverse is happening altogether?

Do I possess my life?

How do I have the authority to insult the deity's blessing?

It was that day she realized that *Forgetting someone who tramples you under his feet* is actually easy

All she did was

Invited her EGO with full of passion

Boosted her morale 

Triggered her self-esteem

Gained the confidence back 

She Respected herself 

Loved herself more than ever before

She cared for herself

Pampered herself

She motivated herself

Nonetheless, she patted her back every night and congratulated her transformed" self for facing the world with her head held high

She realized it way before that "Forgetting" was easy but it was now she accepts that "Forgetting someone so redundant" is a blessing

It's a bliss 

A perk to enjoy the solidarity of life

If She could succeed, why can't we?

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