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Ananya Pahari



Ananya Pahari


Did You Really???

Did You Really???

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Did you really???

Feel like walking in my shoes even for a while?

Did you really 

Love me for a moment?


Did you really

Treat me like a human?

Respected me ?

Embraced my pains?

Hated my gloominess?

Have you ever come forward to wipe my tears off?

Have you ever obstructed the criticisms?

Did you really 

Enjoy our separation hour?

Celebrated my breakdown?

Graciously welcomed my misery?

Or did you really wish to overcome the fate of mine together?

Let these questions remain unanswered

Let my misery be none of your business

Because now that you are gone, I have moved on

Surrounded with angels and godly saints

I don't love you anymore

I don't hate you anymore

Neither I like you at all

Nor do I want to waste time thinking about you

Because a pure soul exclaimed me a night before"That you aren't worth, to be, even in my wildest dreams"

So, goodbye, the bereaved monster, as I call you..

Let happiness be your biggest enemy and sadness your closest buddy

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