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How Do You Love?

How Do You Love?

2 mins

How do you love?

When you are not here.

And your broken frame doesn't fit into the curved edges of mine.

But it stays right there.

Like the pieces of a mismatched puzzle, waiting to be put together.

And I hope I don't feel you anymore.

But oh God! How I feel you.

And your perfect lips slowly crashing and melting with mine.

When does it stop? Where does the echo of our screams end?

And can you still hear us?

Under the red sky where we marked our love on the torn pages of old maps, pretending it to be the end of the world.

And how funny it was when all the roads led us to each other.

And where do you go?

With all the walls that you've built around yourself, seeking love.

Love that leads you to different endings.

Do you ever close your eyes and feel the silence?

Where the nothingness lies buried deep within your guilt-ridden heart.

Can you hear my screams?

When I tell you about the times I can't sleep, scared of the demons tormenting my mind.

And how lonely I feel despite being amidst the maddin' crowd.

And how I seem to fade away, slowly and silently, from the gaps between your fingers on a cold starry night.

And you got tired of it. Didn't you?

How do you love?

When you can't.

When you can't fight your demons.

When you can't speak.

When there's no language to define your emptiness.

Just this nameless longing.

And your tired eyes, wanting to go home.

But that's the way they all end up. Dead, trying to find a reason to survive. But you can't kill what you leave behind by sacrificing yourself.

How would you die when you're still living within me.

Love isn't a promise you made.

It's a long lost echo, that keeps coming back to me, again and again, defying the shards of time.

And you kill yourself every night just to meet me in your dreams.

How do you love?

When all you've ever loved is me.

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