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Do you ever just pause for a moment and realize?

Has it ever occurred to you?

That there might exist a string of infinite parallel universes where none of this is real.

Where your reality is different and your soul isn't damaged.

Where the laws of physics don't compel you to fall back into the abyss of your own dysfunctional mind again and again.

Where people appreciate you for who you really are rather than burdening you with their atrocious judgment.

Where you think more about reaching the stars and climbing mountains rather than counting the freckles on your face and the wrinkles near your eyes.

Where hearts don't end up turning cold and the blood running through your veins, into poison.

Where you do not hesitate to fall in love with anybody and you aren't scared of choosing solitude over relationships either.

A universe where you are your real self.

Where you're not afraid to look at your reflection in the mirror, admire the colour of your eyes and the curve of your smile.

Where you don't run away from the tragedies of your past and you aren't scared to think about what awaits you ahead.

Where you can walk up to a stranger without any hesitation and you end up crying your heart out in front of him. You spend the rest of the day with him drinking hot coffee and sharing stories of unrequited love and broken promises.

Where the stars shine when you talk about the things you love. The galaxies awaken in front of you when you talk about your passion and desires.

But sometimes I wonder if there exists a universe where you don't have to think twice before expressing the depths of your soul.

Where I can look you in the eye and tell you how wrong you've been treating yourself until this moment because all the atoms that you're made of were stardust at some point and the universe didn't come together to see you give up on yourself so easily.

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