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Abstract Drama

He And His Ego

He And His Ego

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I saw him coming to me,

The sequel of myself I wanted to see,

I saw him in the heart of my eyes,

I felt him calling at me from the time to come,

So booming I heard it through another side,

I felt him with profuse credence and

Crystal's sense of direction quivering the ground as I pass by his portrait.

How much I forget about the past;

It burns away with his words, at his departure from the world,

Though I make him alive time after time,

Mine Alter Ego.

He lies within me and sometimes if you look keenly,

You can see him within the layers of my skin,

Beneath the fragments of my broken heart when,

Against all odds, I must find strength.

I must have seen him coming then,

When I had to talk to my love the first time,

He rose up like hot lava inside of me,

Never letting me doubt myself.

An angel in disguise,

It must be the best disguise

Because I swear if you saw him you'd say

He looks just like me

And you would be so right,

That we look so similar,

He's not at all like what I am.

He is his own kind,

Loves himself more than his ego, others he doesn't mind.

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