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cyrene suresh



cyrene suresh


Hazardous Ciggy

Hazardous Ciggy

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What's injurious?

What's dangerous?

What's insecure?

What's obscure? 

What's harmful?

What's destructive?

What's unwanted?

What's unhealthy? 


Smoke by smoking 

Creates a bad breath...

Human Beings must realize the reality...

Destroy the damage of death...

Bring the power of health...

Sustain as a man of wealth...

For it's a deadly game 

Comes through the smokey flame

Make the skull collapse,

Make the organs dull,

Dangerous which leads to death...

Have the power to restore,

Or it may sore,

Be a changing pen 

Among the cigar using hen

Throwing such act is wise,

These things spoil some families rice,

Avoid such mis-habits

Cause it's infectious and injurious...

Think twice and act wisely!!! 

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