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Marie Simera

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Marie Simera

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

Goodbye Kiss

Goodbye Kiss

2 mins


There is a woman

Every minute staring out at the window glass

Pacing back and forth inside her house

Waiting in patience for her husband to come home


It’s getting late, yet she is still awake

Even the ticking soft sound of the clock hanging on the wall

It feels an eternity for her while waiting for him to come home


Even she has to stay in her bed

To get to sleep and rest

She doesn’t want it, not now

She’s not used waiting for him to come home at this late hour


So, she will wait for him no matter how many hours

To make sure her lover is in safe while coming home


Darling, where are you?

I’m alone and feels empty even for a second without you

I hope you are okay

Praying to God to make sure you are always safe


12:00 midnight struck on the clock, yet there’s no man went inside the house

Every time when he came home

He walked inside the house in silence, but full of eager and excited

To see her loving wife, a lovely woman just liked the moonlight

Then he embraced her so tight and showered her face with passionate kisses


Every time he saw her enchanting smile

Her lovely face

Feels her warming hug and her caring heart


Anything he could do

Or will do anything

And give her everything


To make her happy

To show how much he cared and loved her

She makes his life wonderful, contented and happy

The worries and troubles fade

Every time he saw the sweetest smile on her face


She heard a familiar soft voice

Too soft just liked a whisper

Yet so warm and gentle

Her fears and anxiety gone when she heard his voice


She wanted to cry, but dare not to cry

And doesn’t want him

To see her liked a fragile doll

Although she does not know why?


Maybe, she just missed him so much

She just loved and missed hearing him calling her name with so much passion and love

Hoping they will always stay together and forever


I love you, even in a million times

I will say out loud to you

To the world and everyone

I will always be there forever in your heart

Always remember

I love you so much

He kissed her lips

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