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Swati E0647

Abstract Drama Romance


Swati E0647

Abstract Drama Romance

Get Me

Get Me

2 mins 223 2 mins 223

This dingy bar and couple of drinks

My quiet ears and howling twins

The blue air and grey hair 

have been around for years now

Yellow lamps in a civilized house

Coffee crushing infidel sounds

Her pale face ,my blank gaze

Dont remember what are tears somehow

Nothing has moved, no one has changed

Even the air's stagnant in my embrace

Why the universe then stands on cliff today?

Why the wave rises on brink of my eyes?

Why's the mask ripping off of my face?

Why my wrinkles dive deeper tonight?

Plastered face and white desk job

We proudly share this kingdom of thorns

We rip up the flowers and shining buds,

Roam the rooms with lips kinda loaded

I bleed and still hug with warmest touch

you've got stitches done ,hands half folded

She asked me if there's something wrong

I doubt what has ever been right

Its funny how this conversation knocked

Because of you after years of quiet

And now I'm caught in a loop of thoughts

Other than of daily hassles

It struck me as hard as it could

And the pieces fell just perfect in the puzzle

The speck of dust you left on my shoulders

Of dishes you do in part time

Is the very storm that drew put well together

The bland world of cardboard of mine

The terror creeps inside me

Of thought that maybe

You can see my veins and blood and poison

You can feel my void, and storm and silence

That you can hear the moans of scars l left green

And above all

I doubt you're broken enough to get me


The world keeps asking what's killing me inside

And you're on the top of list in highlight

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