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Leema Choudhurymohanty

Inspirational Others


Leema Choudhurymohanty

Inspirational Others



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A perception or actualization,

A vague thought annoys often,

With dusk creeping up,

Tremors of fear unnerve,

When am out of doors alone...

Sick and unnatural minds,

With erratic desires for crime,

Rambling around,

Knock out the eardrums

Now and then,

Theft, rape, gunfire, and so forth...

Barriers specified across,

To not pass over,

Gauge, each step I walk, talk, 

Stretching utmost,

To accommodate others.

Swallowing the urge to,

'Self freedom'.

Social norms,

Dictate right- wrong,

Obstructing to reach me out,

My rights to freedom...

Time lapsed, 

Introducing a dynamic world,

Ask for an opposite version,

To keep pace with.

No space for shyness,

The world needs to see you roar, 

You to be showcased, 

Blowing off suppressions.

Patterns reformed, keeping further,

Yet uncertain,

The peak of consequence,

Better or bitter!

To where it leads, the quest for freedom?

Reimplementing bygones!

Or adopting new trends,


A race to supersede, 

By any means,

Fair- unfair,

Honest- shrewd,


Intent to survive, 

Stamping one another,

And set a space for self to be recognized...


Left uninterpreted,

By the one deserted,

Selling flags in the scorching sun...

Privileged those, 

Drop a coin of kindness some often...

Politics and patriotism

Disagree to align,

Strategies for power,


The interest nation seeks.

Poverty, corruption, unemployment


The freedom to flourish...

Lost the harmony of minds,

Old times,

To work for a common cause,

The objective!

That assured peace and cheer,

For its natives...

Goodness prevails still,

Beneath odds.

Assembling positivity,

Nation runs.

Vowed before tricolor,

Alert our warriors.

Days, months, years,

Across the borders.

Objectives of freedom,

Not their concern

They still shed sweat and blood,

To safeguard freedom...

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