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Manaswini Dash

Inspirational Others


Manaswini Dash

Inspirational Others

Free India

Free India

1 min

An echo persistently trembles hearts of all

That was the struggle for FreeIndia and freedom's call

Every moment that glorious past triggers the spirit to move on

As that was an unprecedented undertaking to attain revolution.

My grandma smiles when she sees the tricolour flag's image

She meticulously wipes her eyes and spontaneously bolsters courage 

That ostensibly reveals their dedication to have #FreeIndia

As that carried millions of dreams to step into a new era.

But still there exist numerous confusions for their solutions 

When there occur the resonance of rape, kidnapping and exploitations

When a woman is forced to remain inside to keep her untarnished 

When a minor girl kills her life silently for being openly blemished.

Everywhere the strong presence of poverty and discrimination 

Each innocent child is being deprived of getting the right to education 

No social, no economical, no political equality has been conferred to all

All are lamenting for breathing the air of free India and awaiting for its call.

Still we are residing in an independent India and awaiting for a great moment 

It desperately needs the assistance of all to accelerate the pace of achievement. 

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