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raviteja kasturi



raviteja kasturi


Forgotten Love

Forgotten Love

2 mins 43 2 mins 43

Many a thought cross my mind ,

Left unspoken they are in bind.

How many times have i thought to quell ,

But never have i ever managed to tell.

This soul of mine longs for you ,

To walk and talk and see with you.

To hold your hand and kiss your cheek ,

To brush your face and tickle your feet.

To smile with you and live with thee,

To cherish the time along with thee.

The image of your face so shy and meek

Is engraved in me for eternity.

You stole my heart , my mind and soul,

For now they listen to me no more.

The wind , the trees , the flowers and sea,

Gentle and pure they remind of thee.

The skies too seem to feel my pain ,

As they too weep down heaps of rain.

The sound of droplets drizzling down ,

Is almost akin to your melodious voice.

Anxious and delighted i go out to see ,

Although i knew it was too good to be.

A scented fragrance is ripe in the air ,

Hallowed by the oncoming Zephyr's care.

A scent so gentle , mellow and light ,

Brings back memories of You and I.

How do i tell you what trouble it is ,

To control my emotions to remain esteem.

A sea of despair brews inside my heart,

Exiled from love it seeks to part.

How do i console this forsaken soul ,

Desolate and forlorn it cries for amity.

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