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For You

For You

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I am a human being
I am an ordinary man
In the age of fading brightness
I'll do whatever I can
Everyone is in search
Of their own light
Which will make them famous
Will turn their future bright
I swear I'm not that selfish
I'll do what I need
Even if it makes me darker
If it makes me bleed


People fall in love everyday
And yes I'm in love with you
They ask me who is she
I swear they won't have a clue
You told me to leave them
I did that and it's true
It's a bit hard to commit
But I'll do anything for you.

I'm sure I've found my light
And I'll be always by your side
It will just make me stronger
One of the strongest till I die
I'll fight with anyone
Who tries to hurt you
You're my Mother
And a son
Will do Everything for you

I've taken an oath
And i mean it with my heart
I'll take care of you Mother
Even if my soul tears apart
Mother, don't worry
I'm out here in the blue
Standing in your service
No matter how much the dew
Mother, you needed me
When everything was wrong
I'm here for You, for India
For my national song

I'll climb all the mountains
Take every bullet which goes your way
This is the least I can
To protect my nation's parade
This is what I am
And this is what I can do
In a world full of enemies
I became a Soldier for you.

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