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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Scotch-Irish Viking

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

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Flip The Script

Flip The Script

4 mins

Yeah, I spit my shit a little different.

Don't have to rap battle, and prove I'm

not illiterate. Go figure it.

You better have the ammo if you

think that you can bring it.

It don't matter, I'll recite my

shit or I can sing it.

I've got nothing to prove, I just

move right along.

I got a beat in my head,

as I'm writing these songs.

This gift has lived in me all along.

I've been impressed to address,

all these things that've gone wrong.

My words are strong.

My flow is like Atlas, the fact is

the act is, Industry actors don't

portray all the facts.

Relax. I'm not gonna attack, though

I hope to impress a way out of this

mess, 'Cause it starts deep within,

and the plot that we've been in,

Who's winning? They promote our

division, and have from the beginning.

Whether their white or their Jewish,

It ain't nothing new. Misconstrue

all the data, The Truth is obtuse,

and the ruse that it will not be your

head in the noose.

I refuse to play into a game that is

rigged from the start, I got heart,

I will not go away, blow away like

a fart.

Their message is tart, but my lyrics

are sweet.

I practice the art that is good for

your feet.

They practice the doctrine of

hatred and division.

The fact is, they help cause,

addiction and derision.

Endorsed by Politicians,

and their corporate employers.

Enforced by false convictions,

and the age old destroyer.

Got you white washing fences

like a tricky Tom Sawyer.

Don't ignore all the whores

with the rich men in foyers.

I implore you. We gotta develop

a new attitude. I wouldn't feel right

entertaining you, being crude.

Puttin' down women, talkin' filthy,

actin' lude. What does it prove?

You gotta get in the groove man.

I got a new plan. I'm sick of this

old shit, had all I can stand.

Our words and our actions,

go hand in hand. Just like sand,

that slips through the hand made

of glass, falling fast, no one

asked for directions, they follow the

last one, in line right behind the

last pawn that had died in the same

spot, the lot of 'em. Shot at them.

Robbed of their minds, so their

music will profit them.


Don't trip, slip and bump your lip.

I'm only trying to Flip the Script.

Yeah, I take this shit a little serious.

I'm not an actor in a movie, these

people are dillirious. It's got me furious.

It ain't fuckin' talent, when all you

do is bitch and cuss.

I arrived to own this shit, Y'all can eat

my dust.

I've got nothing to lose, don't confuse

me with a day dream.

I'm as black as your coffee... And as

white as your cream.

I am the sound of the silent scream.

To expose all of those that bring us

down to cause our suffering.

My life is a song.

Daily, I practice, I know what attracts

us, I see what attacks us, immediately

rappers get put on their backs.

All hacks! I won't take no flack, and this

test will prove I'm one of the best,

'Cause the fighter within, and my

passion to win, without sinnin'. They

choke at auditions, I'll leave your head


Whether their white or they're blue

collar corporate glue. They're part of

a system that was born before you,

and the choice is removed, they control

what you do, refuse and you lose.

I got news for you mannequins, screw

you're shenanigans, I'll say it again,

you don't know what a real man is.

That's boy biz, you're children, I am

an adult.

Come at me sideways, I come for

the throat.

They practice the doctrinarian of

Industrial roll play.

Promoting misogyny while they're

turning them all gay.

The people in position keep

recruiting new additions.

It's the same rendition, they just

switch up the positions.

The recipe's the same, they're just

using different kitchens.

If you wanna play the game, 

What you say's not your decision.

Hope I'm not boring you. I'm not

trying to be rude. Can't you see these

sexual perverts that have been recently

sued. Exploitation of women, a

narcissistic attitude. How juvenile!

Don't even know how to make 'em smile,

boy. It's hard to spread joy. A walking

contradiction, affliction they employ.

They say they play for keeps, but to me,

I see, they are just a toy.

They think that they're coy and they're

slick, talking shit, grabbin' dick, with their

heads up their ass, it's ironic they're not

falling through the thin glass, no one

questions the task, No, not one of you

asks, why then, only the few profit from

what so many of you do.

None of their rhymes in their stories are

true. It's all a design, an attack on the

mind, and the worst of it is, their gettin'

rich off you fools.

They're all tools, gripped tightly by the

hand of the puppet master.

To think it's cool that you're falling,

you'll just hit the ground faster.

Don't trip, slip and bump your lip.

I'm only trying to Flip the Script.

They shoot off their mouths,

while I shoot from the hip.

Don't make me punch you in the lip.

They're talking tales from the crypt.

I'm only trying to Flip the Script.

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