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Priya Singh



Priya Singh




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The Celebration has ended and the day has passed.

All the giggles have become a nightmare.

And memories an unforgettable pain.

The cherry blossoms were on their early period and the earth was in its full grandeur.

We met on my birthday in the bakery shop, I still remember that, but do you??

The seasons changed spring to summer than to monsoon and our romance flourished.

The ticking of alarm in the morning became a beautiful song.

The monkey cups in the garden became beautiful flowers.

The annoying siblings became cute, as such was your love, everything began to look beautiful.

I didn't notice, it was my love which was blind.

Cause ticking of alarm is a noise

Monkey cups are carnivores and my siblings are forever annoying.

I got my own dreams and sadly it had different routes perhaps different opinion.

You wanted me to be with you and my dream too.

You could have been with me supporting my dreams but you didn' said my dreams were nonsense.

It's I supported you when it was your turn but you..deserted me when it was yours.

It's funny how you noticed my skirts were short but I never noticed how your thinking was small.

It's funny when you laughed at every sexist joke and I didn't say anything..while you pointed out to me when I did the same.

You called me bloody feminist, blamed everything on me.

But you forgot honey bun "one cannot clap with one hand".

I could die single than to live with your toxic masculinity.

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