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Gavin Prinsloo



Gavin Prinsloo




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Determination from birth to death, spun by a goddess of three, 

The Moirae as one entity, by name the trilogy, be,

Each duty committed to personality, towards a life direction,

Considering the lives of gods or mortals, fates created without detection.

Whether god or mortal life, once their threads be spun,

So it shall be Fated, the will of the sisters will be done.

Gods and mortals for once equal in life, for fates, are ruled by a spindled thread,

From the time of spindled birth to the time they bury their dead.

Clothes the younger of the singular, toiling with spindle and loom,

Spinning out the threads of life, under the light of the moon.

Her threads span out for birth to take, she ensures that the threads dont break. 

Lachesis reaches to the stars, to lay the path of destiny and possibility,

Each path an option to the living, for their accountability.

The threads she measures for the length of life, that gods and mortals span,

Upholding the universal laws, enforced upon gods and man.

Atrophos she reeked of death, the thread of life sheared through,

Her sisters for the living, she was there when death was due.

For every thread has its ending, from the womb to the grave it went,

Atrophos was the goddess of Death when the last breath was due and spent.

The gods cannot control, the one thing that took their power,

For Moirea gave life to all, even the tiny flower.

To spin the loom from thread to flesh, souls created and cast into existence,

That the existential Fates the cosmos spawned, to maintain life's woven persistence.

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