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Double standard

Double standard

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Forgive me, he said as She looked at him with blazing eyes, 

 He said It was a one-time thing, 

She left in fury, not listening to his cries.

Then suddenly paused, turned, and said, leave me, for you make me cringe.

She paused looked at me and said if I had done,

What you did to me, and then told you,

Forgive me, it was just a fling, I did it for fun..

You would have called me a whore, is it not true.

 He looked at her in suspicion, you mean it, or are you lying?

You see a typical male, cannot tolerate a woman, having a fling, I said.

I just said, if, I had a one night stand, and you start crying,

Then you feel like a corpse like you are dead.

So you are a male you can do any thing.

Female does it she becomes a whore for sure.

So have your your way, have your fling.

Also for your suspicion go find a medicine or a cure.

So good bye, you sadist, I am not with you any more.

Learn to trust a woman, you always love and see,

Learn to treat every woman with respect

even a whore.

I don't need you, I need a person who respects and loves me.

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