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Discrimination Should End

Discrimination Should End

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Why do women have to be inhibited,

Their talent is not ehibited,

Why is it they have always to be nice,

But a small achievement by man is praised to the skies.

How is it always in this country, where

A woman has no sympathy,

We only pay lip sympathy to show false empathy,

Why is there so much female foeticide?

Which is nothing but a female homicide?

Honor killings in the name of family respect and dignity,

Killing women who marry against their caste, without pity.

So when will women, who now serve in armed services, along with men?

Also, show they are also equally capable when,

They have to fight back when chips are down,

Prove they are also deserving of the victor's crown, 

 It's high time men show woman respect, always,

Without insulting them in different ways,

For a mother it is who carries you in your womb, none other,

Respecting a woman is like respecting your mother.

A woman can be your mother, sister, wife, daughter, or friend.

Treat them equally like men, for this discrimination to end.

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