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Udbhavi Upadhyay

Tragedy Others


Udbhavi Upadhyay

Tragedy Others



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Depression is but a state of mind

It’s just an illusion 

Pull yourself together

Get to the grind

Switch it off like a button 

Don’t let it blur your vision

Like it’s a choice or a decision

The world is a bit unkind 

Put a smile on your face

Go out 

Meet more people

Socialize don’t rant it out

Exercise, paint -

Well, find a hobby!

Don’t be a cry baby!

Don’t pop pills,

They will ruin you. 

You can’t get everything in life 

No matter what you do!

Keep it in,

Just keep it in.

Don’t let it come out


Society shushed me,

But depression bled out!

I was screaming,

But no one could hear me shout.

Have you wondered what, 

What happens to those who are told

To keep it in sometimes?

So many in the crowd

You, you or maybe even me!

Me? Well I am a work-in-progress

I am on a journey to heal... 

Couldn’t hear myself out loud

Felt lost within, 

An unorganised crowd.

Not feeling loved,

Happy or proud.

I was somewhere 

Sunken in the ground.

While the world,

Was up there on a cloud.

Which sailed and sailed further away 

From me each day!


So, I cut myself with guilt lurking within. 

Not once, not twice 

But thrice, 

Knowing it was a sin.

No God came to my save.

No Krishna, Allah or Christ 

Prevented me from, 

Digging my own grave. 

Fumed my emotions 

Out in movement. 

Nothing happened! 

Just my depression danced.

But I guess I gave life, 

It’s last chance. 

In a spotlight,

To perform better this time.

Flow in conversation, 

It helps,

According to my observation. 

Seeking help or maybe 

Going off the station for a while. 

Or maybe

Expressing in every verse,

Every line.

The pain suffered creates 

An artist at other times.

Depression is but

Not just a word.

It’s filled with syllables of blood

And the pain of all kinds.

A disease known to few, 

For others, 

A terrible lie! 


I just wanna be heard. 

Can I please be listened to

This time?

Depression is but not just a state of mind.

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