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Mou Das



Mou Das


Deeper Than Knives

Deeper Than Knives

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A woman's reality from her eyes cut deeper than knives,

The glitters, the fancy fabrics, the bangles and the earrings, 

All are just addition to the illusion of her being treated more than equally,

Ever tried to understand that it's not equality but her only appearing as a beautiful mannequin? 

Sorry to break your bubble but the world is the same still,

It was and is, to delude, to parade and to appeal to your accusations that women have always been treated equally,

And to that now women have become greedy,

Shocking? That we actually go beyond our way to prove you right? Or that we're made to act like that for you all to be pleased? 

The truth is that we are pressured to dress well to fit our gender role constructed by patriarchal society,

Since when! since when ever we got to do what we wanted to do, be what we wanted to be, say we wanted to say, be what we wanted to be and express how we wanted to express ourselves,

Dear men, the women you see around you behave in a way that make you stereotype them is not because they really are like that but because they have been socially conditioned too,

It's a real life theatrical play, played by women, directed by women, writter by men,

Who's behind all this? It's your whole community and its extension called internalised misogyny,

By men, formed of women, with its underlining dark reality of the oppressed becomes the oppressor, 

Because of which even mothers and daughters are competitors of each other,

All this is hard to gulp but it's easy to believe the generational lying act of women's lives and their lifestyles,

There are no words to describe this unbelievably grave concerning state of our society,

It'll go to lengths to shut us up, talk over us but when we're fed up and angry, suddenly they become mum as if we're the perpetrators of our own misery and they're the victims of the chaos that they' themselves have created to cater to their needs and interests by blissfully overlooking it's consequences?

There are no messages to learn, only reality is written to be acknowledged here, 

For men, to patriarchal society, by women.

— Mou Das

The more you know, the more you reflect on your behaviour towards women and change yourself for the betterment of women and for yourself too will bring a positive change in society that will lessen the unrealistic expectations and pain forced on women for generations. It's 21st century we can do better than this (jabbing at how women are mistreated even in this "modern" world).

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