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Let'S Live Like A Child Again

Let'S Live Like A Child Again

2 mins

As children, we were so timid little creatures.
The world was our treasure chest and we were its keepers. 

Questions were too many, and they couldn't get us scared.
Curiosity was deep within us, and quenching it was for all we cared.

The animals were our friends and we thought they had a language.
Maybe they did, and our innocent mind made us understand it. 

The wagging of the tail meant "hi friend!" 
And howling meant a sad adieu.
The stars were an enthralling blanket, decorating the night sky, so beautiful.

The rainbows were a rare phenomenon and the lightnings were fascinatingly scary.
We never backed down though, because we wanted to find the answers so eagerly.

The beautiful butterflies and the fragrance of flowers, were carried in our head back to our cemented towers. 
They kept us with nature and reminded us about the beautiful creatures.

Then came the time when our stomachs felt the first flutter.

That time reminds us of our first raw crush. The time which confuses us even till today. 
Nonetheless, back then nothing caused so much dismay. 

Because every new feeling was something to think about.
And unlike today, we never thought of finding their whereabouts. 

Where are those days gone when we creatively played? 
Projecting our imagination, playing and laughing the whole day.

Those days are gone and nothing can bring them back.
The only thing we can do is make a thought catalogue to live them and relax. 

Because those are the diamonds in the ring of our life.
Treasure them, commemorate, because your life is more than the nine to five.

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