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Deepu Ramesh


11:30 PM

11:30 PM

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I stand near a half broken window pane,

With the wall supporting my back.

As I was fully broken,

with no one to catch my back.

I could feel the salty breeze in my face,

The air left me with a salty touch.

As it brushed the memories of the list of people who left me in the middle,

And made my life bi(e)tter.

The road was empty without any human intervention,

Like my mind, as it travels down to the abyss of emptiness.

At the distant there was one who was fixing his scooter to reach the destination,

At the same time I was bewildered equally, with the broken pieces of my life.

As I was desperately solving to fix and move forward.

The pine tree stands tall, inspite of the blow of fierce winds.

I felt proud at myself that moment, though life has knocked me every single time.

I was determined enough to get up.

An exhausted cow was walking slowly, at the side of the road to reach a destination it never knew.

After a day's work, when my body begs to lie.

I still chose to think about the memories of the person who changed tracks,

In search of a new destination.

I could hear crickets chirping the typical dusk music.

Deep and deep inside, my heart whispers the tone of melancholy.

At the place I stand, I could see two roads that led to two different places.

I was there standing with my pen and diary, scribbling this .

Besides a frustrated Monday blues, to complete the tasks assigned.

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