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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Manhar Garegrat



Manhar Garegrat


Patience My Child

Patience My Child

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The little bird was flying so high,

The little bird wanted to touch the sky.

When he set off, the sky was blue,

the flowers were blooming, life seemed so new.

But then came a day when the sky was overcast,

the grey was so grey that the little bird lost his path.

He landed in a big old house to take shelter from the rain.

He hated having to hide,

The wait made him "twit-twit" in rage.

Seconds, minutes an hour went by,

The birdie waited to get on his path, fly.

He was so lost, he didn't know what to do,

The rays of the sun would have given him some clarity, his due.

But the wait did not end for another 8 hours,

The birdie had given up hope, he sat in a corner, far.

He was upset, for the sun took so long.

He could have covered his journey, he could have reached the merry farms.

When the suns rays entered, he did not greet them Hello,

He refused to acknowledge its presence,

He stayed aloof yet yellow.

The sun soon spoke to him, as kind as a father.

"The wait was a must for you my child, now you can see further.

Flying in the rough wind would have led you no where.

Your course is clear now,

your companion, fresh air."

The little birdie now quickly hopped to the window,

What he could see outside was the beautiful world of willows.

Everything now made complete sense,

The grey time was needed for the green-green end.

And yet again the little birdie flew,

dived out of the window, right into the blue.

The fresh air made him sway with joy.

"Tweet, tweet." he said "I so am happy high."

New opportunities now awaited little birdie,

His path was clear, there was no need to scurry.

No cloud would stop him, no rain would damp his fly.

For he had patiently waited while it all came and passed by.

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