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Dear North Campus

Dear North Campus

1 min

Being student of a college

That grew alone, isolated;

I found you amusing, North Campus

Swarms of heads,

Through days and nights

Keep you company.

Tell me, how does it feel

To have grown up

Amongst your own blood?

Your lanes, cascaded with ideas,

With art, with literature,

Much like mine

Yet so contrasting.

I haven't seen the joy

Of my walls being sprayed

With hues that form names, symbols;

Some I recall seeing on flags

And posters, stuck on branches.

Neither have I seen the excitement

Of my college lanes, being crowded

With vehicles so efficient

That bring strangers together.

I wonder if you're offended

When young bloods

Explore your secrets,

Exploiting your personal space.

You must've seen a lot

Tears, laughter, kisses and brawls

But have you seen peace?

Stillness, immobility,

Even for a moment?

Can you advocate for silence

As much as me?

But before everything,

Tell me, North Campus

How does power taste?

How do you handle fame?

I have a hunch, you don't realise

How you establish superiority.

How does it feel

To be in command

Of the heirarchy that is created

By editors, publishers of famous houses

Who try to define us in halves?

Although, I have no grudges


Jealousy still marks my territories


I hope in the future,

We will understand each other

Better and unbiased.

And till that time comes,

Remember me as -

A demented South campus girl.

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