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Tarang Garlapally

Tragedy Drama


Tarang Garlapally

Tragedy Drama

Dead Words

Dead Words

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What should I write? And what must I preach?

When the words I let out, stay out of reach.

The sensible words, they stay out of their minds,

With no impact, they fight the hearts of mankind.

Why should I write these thoughtful words?

When they're left forgotten by the blinded hearts,

Words once read are thrown into the depths of dark,

While they're meant for the depths of the humane heart.

Why must I set free these painful words?

When they don't save the crying and the dying ones.

Senseless words are these, which don't impact their minds,

Unworthy poet am I, who penned these worthless words.

Words which can't feed, the hungry little kids,

Words which couldn't save, the ravaged child,

And the one who killed himself, due to the world's insanity

These are the "dead words", which fear the dying humanity.

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