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DevaDas Menon



DevaDas Menon




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Dad a great human, now you have passed away.

Growing up with you was fun, every day;

You showed great dedication,

In giving your children a good education,

Always said to me, be a good son,

Never give up,never say I am done.

Always be kind and nice,

Never fall a prey to bad habits, or vice,

Choose to live life in your own way,

Whatever you choose, make it pay.

Your friends you choose on their ablity,

Don't make them your liablity.

Any problem in life, you share with me

Don't keep it to yourself, I am always there you see.

For you know, I very much care.

You kind of love Dad was really rare.

For when you were at my side.

As my mentor and guide.

I learnt my lessons in life.

Dealing with happiness and strife.

Now you have left for a place, that is nice.

But I remember your worldly advice.

Teach my daughter not to run in fright,

But to Stand up and fight for what is right,

Tell her, that life is always fun,

Don't ever give up,never say you are done.

Like you I did show dedication,

In giving my daughter a good education.

For you left behind a good legacy,

That one day will become her destiny.

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