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I am in the world,

Where I can see all the emotions,

Painted with distinct shades,

I saw a man,

A Man in red,

He is angry

Red signifies anger,

Blue denotes sadness,

Happiness is pink,

And confusion, yellow.

And one fine day,

He was pink,

As my eyes lodged on his,

He turned yellow,

It's indeed not a positive sign,

But it's not negative, at least.

As our conversations started,

His shades of pink grew stronger,

It might turn red,

And he finally blushed,

Color of love is red

I guess.

There is no hide and seek,

There are no emotional dramas,

People may fake in my world,

But the emotions don't,

Those who flaunt hues are too brawny to hide,

One day, I found himself in blue,

And I walked out,

One Long pause

As his red shades began to fade,

I fed my red shades every now and then,

I lost those shades of red,

The shades I fed, faded faster than ever,

And I walked out.

I unearthed a new color,

Color of dark,

An olive black,

I was blind to other colors,

Everything appeared black,

Ebony black, jet black 

The list went on.

I struggled within the dark,

In search of light,

Until one day,

I wiped off all my olive black,

Black of depression,

Black of love,

I never knew I could wipe.

Once again sailing in the boat of discovery,

Amidst the tints of water,

To shade me with pink again,

You know,

My world of colors,

Are simpler than you think.

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