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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Celebrate Love

Celebrate Love

3 mins

What happen Ruhi? Why are you looking irritated and that too in the month of love?

While scrolling through the news feed of my social media accounts; Sadly, I've come across a number of posts talking rubbish about celebration of the Valentine's week.

Why are you worried? Being single you should be happy seeing these posts. Even I'm enjoying these posts.

Why so much hatred Anuj? Is it because your relationship status is single? Or you are heartbroken?

Or you are too busy living a robotic life that, you have no time to celebrate the beautiful emotion? Well whatever it is, at the end of the day; you can't deny the universal truth that, it's because of the power of love the human beings, or rather I would say entire living things are bonded together. So can't we give seven days out of a year, to celebrate this divine emotion?

You are right Ruhi but being single it can be tough to celebrate the week.

No Anuj, it's not just about a girl and a boy, it can be celebrated between a husband and a wife, child and parents, human beings and animals, or by extending our helping hands in beautifying our nature, or whatever way you like to celebrate it. How you want to celebrate it is always a personal choice, the essence is to celebrate love.

Wow Ruhi! Your take on love is logical and different from, what we are used to think about love.

And I really wish that everybody should celebrate this week.

Even I'm also looking forward to celebrate the week. So, what's your take on each day of Valentine week?

Interesting question. I have been thinking about it from quite a few days. Let me answer you one by one.

Rose Day

The sweet fragrance from the petals of a rose signifies the pleasure and the thorns warn about the challenges or hardships of a relationship. When you give a rose to someone, then you implicitly agree to enjoy the pleasure and fight the challenges together.

Propose Day

Before proposing to someone just ask yourself once,

Do you really mean it? And then you will never regret it.

Chocolate Day

Let the sweetness of your relationship blossom by sharing a chocolate.

Teddy Day

Like a teddy bear, let your bonding be cute, loving and adorable.

Promise Day

You don't need to promise anything on Promise Day,

You have already promised your best on Propose Day,

Just give your best to keep that promise.

Hug Day

Hugging means keeping our ego and false expectation aside and accepting the relationship with strength as well as flaws.

Kiss Day

Every time you feel the vibes of love, You feel the kiss of love.

Valentine's Day

Never search for the perfect definition of love.

You can't define love.The best you can do is to enjoy its different shades in everyday life and share it with your loved ones.

Now, I will surely celebrate the Valentine's week

And spread love.

But before all these,

Never forget to love yourself because,

Only if you love yourself then you will be able to love others.


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